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  • Datalogic Touch TD1100


    The TD1100 series of linear imaging contact readers represent the Datalogic ADC solution for customers who require a cost-effective solution for close contact bar code reading without sacrificing quality and performance. Designed for low throughput applications within multiple markets, the TD1100 readers provide the guarantee of contact reading with an excellent reading performance on virtually all linear bar codes, including damaged or poorly printed codes.

    The Datalogic TD1100 comes in two sizes, 65mm and 90mm. In more than 90% of all cases, and if you’re uncertain, choose the 90mm version.

  • Datalogic Gryphon GD4130

    Datalogic Gryphon GD4220

  • Datalogic Heron HD3130 Gryphon Heron Black

    Datalogic Heron HD3130


    The Heron HD3100 linear imager brings unmatched elegance along with the advanced technology to the modern point-of-sale. The stylish silhouette of the great imager enriched with multiple color changing lights, innovative and modern design material, together with the audio speaker, amplifies the customer’s brand experience at the point-of-sale.

  • Datalogic Stand STD-AUTO-G040-BK – Hands free


    Datalogic STD-AUTO-G040-BK Gryphon GD4130 Autosense Stand. Scanner automatically goes into hands free mode by being placed in the stand. For use with the Gryphon GD4130. Color: black.

  • Datalogic QuickScan Mobile II 2D QM2430


    The QuickScan™ QM2400 2D imager is the ideal cordless solution for multiple general purpose data collection applications. If you need a simple, yet reliable, entry-level wireless solution for standard 2D codes need look no further! Datalogic QuickScan QM2430 read quickly and efficiently all 2D and 1D codes.
    Kit inc. Imager and Base Station and USB Cable

  • Datalogic Gryphon M4500 2D General Duty Handheld Scanners


    Gryphon I GM4500 2D

    Cordless STAR area imager featuring the most reliable radio connectivity and top performance 2D reading

  • Datalogic Gryphon GD4430

    Datalogic Gryphon GD4430


    The Gryphon | GD4400 imager provides snappy reading performance on all common 1D and 2D codes as well as postal, stacked and composite codes like PDF417. High Density (HD) models are also available for reading smaller, condensed codes. For mobile marketing or ticketing applications, this imager also offers excellent performance when reading bar codes from mobile devices.The Gryphon | GD4400 2D omnidirectional reader eliminates the need for separate equipment with signature capture and document scanning capabilities. Its enhanced optics offer improved motion tolerance and high speed imaging to read fast moving codes.

  • Datalogic RIDA DBT6400 Portable Scanner


    Datalogic’s new RIDA DBT6400 2D area imager is a cordless device with Bluetooth connectivity to be used in connection with mobile devices. The elegant and stylish design is small, pocket-sized and fits perfectly into the palm of a hand. This light weight device, with Datalogic’s patented ‘Green Spot’ technology for good read feedback easily connects with tablets, smart phones, laptops and computers – with an omni-directional camera for superior data capture on all 1D/2D codes.

  • Datalogic Gryphon M4130


    The Gryphon I linear imaging readers provide advanced reading performance and decoding for a wide variety of applications. The Gryphon GD4100 readers’ ability to capture bar codes from near contact to over 1.0 m / 3.9 ft increases productivity and improves ergonomics for users. A wide scan angle reads very wide codes and renewed decoding capabilities increase throughput on hard-to-read, poor or damaged codes. All of these features combined with high-resolution decoding for labels as small as 3 mils, establishes the Gryphon I GD4100 readers as high-performance products and powerful data capture solutions. Datalogic’s exclusive patented ‘Green Spot’ technology for good-read feedback directly on the code is ideal under dim lighting conditions or noisy environments. The Green Spot, together with the fast reading and decoding capabilities make the Gryphon I GD4100 readers the best choice to improve productivity in retail and office environments, hospitals, pharmacies and manufacturing plants.

  • Datalogic QuickScan Mobile 1D QM2131


    If you need a simple, yet reliable, entry-level wireless solution for standard 1D codes need look no further! Datalogic QuickScan QM2131 read quickly and efficiently all 1D codes.

    Kit inc. Imager and Base Station and USB Cable

  • Datalogic QuickScan BT2400


    Entry level Cordless BT 2D area imager providing standard BlueTooth connectivity and good 2D reading performance for operators looking for an easy device used for muliple data capture activities

  • Datalogic QuickScan QBT2400

    Datalogic QuickScan QM2400 General Duty Handheld Scanners


    QuickScan I QM2400

    Entry level cordless STAR 2D area imager featuring the most reliable radio connectivity and good 2D reading performance ideal for an easy migration from corded scanners

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