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Make your everyday on the library simpler. Here at AxiellDirekt we have special knowledge about librarysystems. Therefore the products you order from us comes ready to use with your library management system (LMS) without extra settings.

On top of that, we offer free support on all products ordered from the shop

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Library Cards Service

Your face to the Patron

Have you ever considered that the Library Cards are a great marketing tool?

Environmentally Friendly

All our library cards are environmentally friendly and made out of recycelable materials

20 Years Experience

Axiell have been supplying libraries with high quality, custom library cards for the past 20 years.

Take control over messages

High quality library cards with custom prints. Take the opportunity to communicate with your patrons.

Our experts

Jonas Nilsson

In charge of the AxiellDirekt e-commerce operations is Jonas Nilsson. Dedicated to delivering exceptional service and custom orders.

David Hjalmarsson

David Hjalmarsson is working with library logistics and will accommodate your every need.


Here at Axiell we care about our environment, and we are considering the environment in everything we do. One way of helping out is offering environmentally friendly products.

Customer Service

We offer a wide range of highly personal customer service options. Visit our Customer Service Page for more information.

You can also call us at

+46 (0)46 270 04 61

Full Returns & Replacements

We are certain we only deliver high quality premium products, and offers full returns and exchange products if you’re not 100% satisfied.

Customized products

With great insights into the whole of the Public Library and School market, Axiell knows which products fits and which don’t. We have carefully selected the premium products suited for your LMS and School system.

Flat Rate Shipping

With AxiellDirekt you’re always guaranteed flat rate shipping.